Friday, September 02, 2005

The next few days

Léonie and I went map shopping this morning, and have the next week plotted more or less. We'll be spending nights in the folloing places:

5sep--Refuge d'Anterne
6sep--Refuge de bel Lachat
7sep--camping in Le Praz
8sep--Refuge des Mottets

Then it's over the pass and down into Italy, towards Courmayeur or La Thuile at first, then through the Gran Paradiso park, and into Turin by the 15th. Internet's likely to be scarce until then.

Geneva is hot. I like it here.

Thursday, September 01, 2005


back to hunt and peck, now that i'm not in france. that's right i'm at geneva airport waiting for a flight from london to land, with my companion for the alps.

the border was fun, everyone just drives through. i got a 'no you have to walk through the tunnel' when i asked if there was an alternate pedestrian route. silly me for choosing the crossing that goes under the runway. it was dusty.

unlike the haute jura, which was very pretty and very steep. st-claude to gex was 42km if you took the roads so i went the short way, straight over 3 mountains. it was tiring, but i'm still blister free. other stories will come later, as will an updated itînerary before i leave. i refusse to rush to keep on schedule now. hitching a few days ago took me past st-maur, where they boast the largest hedgerow maze in europem which i didn't know until i was 20km past it. if only that man hadn't been so nice and had dropped me off in lons-le-saunier instead. oh well. i'll have to repeat the trip and make sure not to miss it next time. or maybe i'll just drive there someday.