Thursday, October 27, 2005

Home Sweet Home

I'm back in London, of course. Oddly, I'm not getting that 'everything looks fresh' feeling I've had on returning here before. Maybe that's because I've lived here longer now than any other place I've been since leaving the nest. Whatever. It wasn't something I was particularly looking forward to anyway. Really, I just wanted to see familiar people again (which I've started) and put my life together.

You can help with this last thing, possibly. I need a job and somewhere to sleep between socialising and working again. Ideally I'll be able to keep plowing the Whitechapel/Bethnal Green/Stepney residential furrow I've been working the last few years, but I can't afford to be too picky. Send it all my way.

As for work, by all means let me know if you or someone you know (of) is looking for a violin/bow maker/repairer, researcher, sound engineer, stage manager, dogsbody, pretty face (I can try).

Happily, I have loads of wicked friends, but more are always welcome. Especially if they have details of the zombie crawl on saturday (which I lost by daft email erasal), or some other kick-ass hallowe'en party.


Blogger Georgiapeach said...

I am going to an Halloween Party Friday. I hope you have good look while your in London. If you see Floetry or Craig David there get there #'s for me!!

11:38 pm BST  
Blogger psychofe69 said...

Interesting life you have there, have fun at your Halloween Party.
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9:55 pm BST  
Anonymous Dougie said...

Great to have you back man! Nice to see your feet obeying the laws of physics on CM Friday ;-)

I've got a friend staying for a couple of weeks, but if you're still stuck after that let me know.

3:06 am GMT  
Blogger Catty said...

Do you need a couch? You're more than welcome to come to Hackney and sleep on one of ours.
It's only fair, after all. How long was Darren on your couch?

1:28 pm GMT  
Blogger Brian Harrison said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

12:28 am GMT  
Blogger Brian Harrison said...

Sounds to me like you had one great experience. Though you don't know me at all, I envy yourlittle adventure. Nice blog and nice idea for some fun and lifetime experiences

12:30 am GMT  
Blogger Tidy Bowl said...

What a fascinating journey! I hope it's not over!
Tidy Bowl

12:59 am GMT  
Blogger Lukas said...

i just......share your thoughts
(hope youll drop by my phonogram:

11:44 pm GMT  
Blogger Iskwew said...

i'm looking for a pretty face

11:53 pm GMT  

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