Friday, October 07, 2005

Crooked Town

15 euros to climg the bastard thing, would you believe it. Gorgeous view, but you sure don't get to stay up for long. I wonder how many pisani/pisane look at it the way I look at the Tower of London--neat for sucker tourists but hardly worth the full cost.

Only 13 days to go, from the looks of it, though the Siena-Rome leg is still a bit vague. Lots of campsites are closed now, plus it's been pretty miserable weather for the last 4 or 5 days, raining a bit every day. So I've stayed in hostels more than before. Just need to figure out where they are for the last couple hundred miles.

With any luck, I'll be back in London just in time for Hallowe'en parties. No idea what I might be, unless the Santa outfits are near the front of my storage locker. Though I'm a bit thin for Santa, so maybe I should follow Luciano's suggestion and walk back. Having lost a bit of weight, I could retrace my steps to find it.


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12:30 pm BST  
Anonymous Mum & Dad said...

Is this the cryptic clues blog?Let's see if we have our geography of Italy straight this time... Are you referring to San Gimignano? What about Pisa? Did you leave the tower leaning? Lost weight? Clearly the ice cream is not doing its job. xo M & D

2:28 pm BST  
Anonymous M & D said...

Okay, we're awake now. You're in Pisa now, right? You have slowed down so much since you hit Italy that we are out of synch with your itinerary. That's not a bad thing. It seemed as if you were running, not walking, through France.

4:07 pm BST  
Blogger Christina said...

Hey bro, you need to turn on the thing in your blogger settings that makes anonymous posters validate that they're human beings. That first comment is ridiculous spam. And maybe it will make mum & dad wake up before commenting.

xo Christina

1:02 am BST  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Russian Teens!

10:13 pm BST  
Anonymous click here to see hurricane pics said...

Poor anonymous. He is always trying to sell something and no one likes him.

Keep walking!

11:20 pm BST  
Anonymous secretagentarthur said...

christina i will show you some spam.

11:27 pm BST  
Blogger cathy_sampson said...

I don't know why any of you goonies would even talk about travels in the geography. I think you're all nutz. The best and safest thing to do is to stay where you are and not worry about stuff. If you need something to do, you can play softball or pat cats and such. Then you don't have to worry about pickpockets and other terrorists. In the end, you'll thank me (once you realize what you've done).

11:30 pm BST  
Blogger Rock-a-bye Baby said...

Hi. I just found your blog on "blogs of note." I really like it! I used to love travelling. Now I'm stuck at home with my kids who keep me up all night. I think I'll come back and read more of your blog in the future. Europe is such a neat place. Have fun with your travels.

1:03 am BST  
Blogger mig bardsley said...

I'm enjoying your blog lots...will check back regularly for new posts. Are you a violin person? player? maker?
Anyway I'm glad I had a quick look at blogs of note before going to bed.
Hope the travelling goes on well.

2:43 am BST  
Blogger golliwog said...

couldnt agree with you more that the 15 euros is a rip off! i had felt italy was rather unfair to a indian student backpacker-on-a-shoe-string like me... well, so was much of europe actually!
have fun and have a good trip!

3:15 am BST  
Blogger Daniel Konold said...

you are envied.

6:28 am BST  
Blogger Tim said...

This is a really cool site. Good luck and congratulations on your walking! Plus you made Blogger's front page!

7:52 am BST  
Anonymous rowena said...

15 euros to climb the tower??? I've been by Pisa only a couple times since moving here and have never had the desire to trek it up there.

I tell you who's crooked. That old lady that runs the public bathroom nearby.

11:29 am BST  
Blogger Lalalalarandom said...

I don't get ehat it is all bout please explain

1:44 pm BST  
Blogger secretagentarthur said...

yes, i am violin person, in that i just finished a degree in making them in london, though of course i've loads to learn still.

i'd love to turn on the anti-comment-spam thing, but the blogge page always comes up in italian when i log in and i haven't had time to decipher the bit i need yet.

and the bathroom lady in pisa isn't nearly as crooked as the fellow who runs the one next to the basilico san domenico in siena.

3:28 pm BST  
Blogger remmaps said...

Natalee "Natalee Holloway" Holloway

Beth "Beth Twitty" Twitty

9:41 am BST  
Anonymous Diet Girl said...

Hi Arthur

What a cool idea to walk from London to Rome.
I had wanted to go from London to Rome
though in the more environment unfriendly-way.
Even booked my tickets. But couldn't go because
of visa problems.

Hope to go there some time soon.

All the best to you. I will keep track of your journal. And yeah I agree with
about the Tower of London!

3:55 pm BST  
Blogger stephen blogger said...

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