Saturday, October 22, 2005

Everyone Votes Vespa

Except my mother, predictably, sensibly.

But no one offered the info I needed, like cost of insurance, likely resale income in the U.K., driver's licence validity, probable gas mileage... But it's a moot point. The bit of research I've done makes it clear that I can't afford it.

Which leaves only two options, since I've not looked at the Easyjet website and I'm bloody well not going to.

I've found ferries from Civitavecchia to Barcelona and from Bilbao to England, but can't for the life of me turn up away to get from the Mediterranean around to the Atlantic. Help!

Alternatively, I'll train and hitch, which will likely put me in Paris for Tuesday night. Paris kids, wanna hang out? I've got a sangria craving only Bar Dix can satisfy.

Once I've got it all figured out I'll post again. In the mean time, I'm gonna try to enjoy being where I am. Might even go dancing tonight. If I can remember how.

P.S.The one about the viper will have to wait. I don't know how to tell it yet. The ending makes me uncomfortable.


Anonymous Mum and Dad said...

Let us be the first to give you our congratulations, remote hugs, and a big cheer!!! We ached, reading of your rainy entrance to Rome. Nice that you got to top it with some holy water.

8:29 pm BST  
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10:46 pm BST  
Anonymous lostwanderer said...

happy for you that you finally make it to Roma. I feel that your trips are much richer then any who travel by air. Reading your entries make me want more to plan mine. C’est la vie et bon voyage à Paris!

3:30 am BST  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh Arthur, I miss you like nobody's business.



3:03 am BST  
Blogger Morris said...

You are an inspiration to us all!

Mr. Morris
Ask Morris

4:12 am BST  
Anonymous car-insurance said...

Arthur, have been following your footsteps for quite sometime now.

You have inspired me. I might do what you are doing one day maybe a different route, a different place and - blog all the way.

Best wishes for your return.

8:23 am BST  
Blogger cheesemeister said...

Hi Arthur,
When you're home safe in your house and know there are no vipers there, you'd better tell the tale! Enquiring minds want to know!

10:53 am BST  
Blogger LilMissLindasLife said...

Hey Arthur,

Glad you're doing it, only because its something I'd let my friends talk me out of. Maybe you could side shuffle then hop skip and jump to oz... just an idea.


7:38 am BST  
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