Tuesday, July 19, 2005


Wednesday 27 July is the departure date, and anyone who wants to come along for the first few miles (or yards) is most welcome. I'm going to try to leave from in front of Christchurch Spitalfields at 8:00am, walking down towards Aldgate East, along Commercial Road, through the Isle of Dogs to Greenwich, and onwards.

The nearest tube to the church is Liverpool Street, and there are loads of buses in the area.

Let me know if you're coming so that I don't miss anyone.

My Route

My route, with rough dates, is as follows:

London -- 27 July
Calais -- 2-3 August
Paris -- 11-14 August
Dijon -- 22-24 August
Geneva -- 30 August - 3 September
Turin -- 13-15 September
Genoa -- 18-20 September
Siena -- 28-30 September
Rome -- 7 October

The route taken by James Carty was almost identical to the one I had roughed out, so I used his as a template. There are a few changes to it, though, and I bet there'll be more as I go. I'm working on a way to get a detailed route up, but in the mean time, if you want the full version drop me a line and I'll email you the Excel file.