Friday, September 02, 2005

The next few days

Léonie and I went map shopping this morning, and have the next week plotted more or less. We'll be spending nights in the folloing places:

5sep--Refuge d'Anterne
6sep--Refuge de bel Lachat
7sep--camping in Le Praz
8sep--Refuge des Mottets

Then it's over the pass and down into Italy, towards Courmayeur or La Thuile at first, then through the Gran Paradiso park, and into Turin by the 15th. Internet's likely to be scarce until then.

Geneva is hot. I like it here.


Blogger Uncle Waldo said...

I say, you do get about don't you? Way to go nephew! I'm most impressed with your stick to- itiveness. Stay blister free and don't take any wooden euro. Speakin of which how is your cash and graft holding/working out?

4:20 am BST  
Blogger betsy. said...

arthur!!!! i keep meaning to email you back, but i am slow. someday soon in your inbox you will find some pics that i've been meaning to send from paris last summer. i already sent you the human 'knit' photo where we spelled it out at the tate modern by lying on the floor?

you also need to email me your mobile number so i can send you cheesy text messages to help keep you going....


6:28 am BST  
Anonymous DENewhouse said...

Say Hi to Léonie. Both Mom and I are also will be keeping track now that Indigo disclosed your Blog.

Hope it isn't snowing.

Good walking and tell Léonie to to email/call/write/postcard with images

Léonie's Dad

7:00 pm BST  
Blogger leanordwarner29887857 said...

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3:13 pm BST  
Blogger Christina said...

That last comment = spam spam spam spammity spam spam spam.

I've been checking here daily to see if you're done with the Alps yet. Are you done yet? How about now? Are you in Italy? Are we there yet? How much longer, Papa Smurf?

7:45 pm BST  
Anonymous Mum and Dad said...

We have been missing your posts, with you incommunicado in the Alps. Hope you yodeled your way through and that it is warmer than here. There was snow on the Coquihalla last weekend!
Don't forget to check your email. Hope you are finding good Italian restaurants, and eating lots. Love, and from Grandma, too.

4:11 am BST  
Anonymous Robin & Helen said...

Arthur! Glad to hear that you have been getting on so well! We are missing you lots here in blighty.

You missed out on lots of fun at the arms fair today, although now most of us are banned from the DLR! Mainly for attempting to sell sex toys to arms dealers, ooh er!

Good luck with the walk, and keep us all posted on your progress.

8:56 pm BST  
Blogger Christina said...

> Mainly for attempting to sell sex toys to arms dealers, ooh er!

Wow, that's so great. I miss you guys, even though I only managed to attend a few spacehijackers functions. I hope the DLR banning isn't too much of a hassle

11:17 pm BST  
Blogger secretagentarthur said...

'waldo', no work in turin, so i'm spending my deposit--i've been poor in london before so i'll deal with it when i get back there.

david, message duly passed on. it did snow, but we were inside. and after, it was pretty, rather than dangerous.

christina, just a little further. no wait, yes, we're there.

yes, m&d, i'm eating lots.

robin & helen, well done, but isn't the ban going to complicate things in limehouse? also, email me your new address, please.

10:18 am BST  
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