Monday, October 24, 2005

Stop that train...

Nobody seems to be able to find ferries that run around Spain and Portugal, so train it is. That puts me in Paris tomorrow, and I do hope to make it to Bar Dix in the evening for sangria goodness. I'll be the one with no hair. That's right, I went through with it and had my whole head shaved by a proper barber. Cheeky bastard left my eyebrows and took my nose (shoddy work), but I still tipped him more than two bits. It was a good shop. The mirrors had loads of looney tunes figurines along the top of them. I forgot to take a before picture, but that's just as well. With three months worth sticking out at all angles I looked pretty lousy.

Felt sharp for the night out, though. As it turns out the sound was weak and nobody danced, but I discovered that I still remember how to drink. Now if only I could remember how to stop.

See you London folk on Wednesday. If you didn't get a flyer for the Pick Me Up party and want to come email me today and I'll forward it on to you when I hit Paris.


Anonymous Dad and Mum said...

So glad to see you have a means to return to the old sod. Enjoy the train ride and the sangria in Paris. Hope you catch up with your friends there. Too bad you didn't get the before picture. Don't forget the viper story...we're dying to hear it.

4:57 pm BST  
Blogger Piotr said...

Are first person at which it comments on, it pleases to me here, I believe that I will come back to you...

9:08 pm BST  
Blogger Brandon Anthony said...

The train is always a pleasant experience... in a comfortable seat at least.

9:13 pm BST  
Blogger Christina said...

Ha to remembering how to stop drinking. How soon can we expect photos other than the after one?

6:33 am BST  
Blogger secretagentarthur said...

The photos might be some time. I took rather a lot of them. The processing will likely be quite dear and I need to buy a bike first.

11:16 am BST  
Blogger mig bardsley said...

I've really enjoyed your blog. What a fantastic journey and thanks for sharing it.
I'm so envious you saw the violins (can't remember where now) and Mullova.
Looking forward to viper story (like everyone else in the world) and photos.

11:41 pm BST  
Blogger J-hole said...

Wow, this is really 'Back packing with style' - hmm, I feel inspired!

10:51 am BST  
Blogger viennapictures said...

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11:38 am BST  
Anonymous click here to see hurricane wilma pics said...

What a long strange trip it's been.

5:17 pm BST  
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9:44 pm BST  
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7:18 pm BST  
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