Friday, February 17, 2006


let's be realistic. i'm not likely to get any more of my london-rome trip writing up here any time soon. but i've been turning over a few ideas lately for ways of keeping up some kind of regular writing practice. i finished with couch surfing a couple weeks ago, and have had income of various kinds trickling in, but half the boxes are still piled in the corner, scraps of wood akimbo. it was all a nice excuse for biding my time.

well, my sister helped kick my ass out of neutral, with this anagram tube map.

i wrote back to her:

my nearest station for all places of residence since moving to london, in chronological order:
centenary chalk
a vax hull
invests seers
squealer slurs (or retard cottonmouth if you go the other way)
imp coil
gender bonus
nether bangle (two addresses consecutively)
energy pen set
escargot news (cause i feel like counting my storage locker)
dark tonsil glands

that was a fun game.
so much for procrastination.
time to get another job.