Thursday, August 04, 2005

sand dunes and salty air


Blogger secretagentarthur said...

that was a nice long post, and this stupid computer ate it. now i'm out of time, but safe in boulogne-sur mer

10:19 am BST  
Blogger Christina said...

Fucking technology! Glad you're safe in France.

4:25 pm BST  
Anonymous Mum and Dad said...

Shades of our Zihuatanejo post. Aaagh, the frustration. Hope you received our email re moleskin.
Thanks for keeping us posted. Happy walking!

4:43 pm BST  
Blogger Kevin Church said...

Are there quaint little villages here and there?

5:43 am BST  
Anonymous Kitty Erickson said...

Just checked in and it's good to see how things are going. Whilst holed up in my dungeon-like office here in Clapham I can't help but develope a green tinge to my eye! Take care,

9:05 am BST  
Blogger cheezy said...

france, cool.

8:06 pm BST  
Blogger carlam said...

hello arthur la verdad es que no entiendo lo que dice tu blogger sin embargo me gusta como luce, un saludo con mucho cariño para ti de carla mansilla de chile... good bye!

2:52 pm BST  
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