Tuesday, August 09, 2005

more war / signs

oops, i totally meant to mention that there have been many signs of note.

like the one to flandre. checked my map, and it shows up as a swamp, which makes sense i guess. didn't make the detour though, because i can only remember the first few lines of the poem and what else could i do there but recite it. plus, i can't let myself get too distracted by world war tourism or i'll end up hitching to caen, where my grandfather was briefly stationed and where his most often repeated war story is set.

also of note, at a level crossing with 2 tracks:
un train peut cacher un autre'
(danger, one train can hide another)
which is a fine proverb if ever i've heard one.

and finally,
'plage naturiste
baignade non-surveillée'
which is either generous or ironic, but definitely funny.
(and hard to translate. 'nude beach' and 'swimming' are clear, but the obvious 'unsupervised' isn't as amusing while 'non-surveyed' is daft, but i'm beating a dead horse here i guess)


Anonymous Joseph Bell said...

Hi Arthur, it's Joe here from Uni (the technologicly inclined person who never seemed to leave). I've finally left now, and have moved back to my parents place in Nottingham - today annaunced the worst place in Britain to live. I'm still involved with projects in London, such as the one at Whitechapel art gallery this month, which unfortunately you wont be able to see right now! Still, I shall note your email and keep you informed of future events.

This walk your doing sounds like a fabulous idea, and I hope you get back to England in time to recommence your studies.



6:30 pm BST  
Anonymous Standard Deviant said...

Arthur: Is it possible to knit whilst walking, or does it slow down your speed?

Oh, and walking a thousand miles is brilliant; I wish more people would do things like that rather than getting cheap flights all over the world, spewing out CO2. I am no better than those people though. At least you'll be able to say you've walked to Rome.

Keep on walking!



12:02 am BST  
Blogger Christina said...

So are you in Paris now? And did you resolve the shoulder straps issue? What's the blister situation? I want gory details. And pictures.

Your Demanding Sister.

3:33 am BST  
Blogger secretagentarthur said...

Yes, knitting and walking at the same time is quite possible, though it could get tricky on less even terrain. I'm told that in the early 20th century it was common for men in Denmark to wander about knitting, balls of yarn pinned to their lapels.

But no, I've brought none with me. No bag space for it, and no time when resting anyway.

5:46 pm BST  
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