Sunday, July 31, 2005

White horsey white horsey bring us luck bring us luck

I've seen at least one every day, and said it at the time, but say it now as well, as I'll need all I can get. I didn't think I had a lucky charm, but found that Fernanda had left one in the pocket of my fleece on my last night in London, so I won't need quite as much superstition as I might've. And even less now that I've done four days of over 20 miles each without falling apart, which makes my faith a little less blind.

The first day was the hardest. I officially hate A roads. And wankers who make cracks along the lines of 'I hope that isn't a bomb in your pack'. I kept wanting to reply 'If it was a bomb, would I really be in _insert name of south-east backwater_?' Which is not to say that I dislike the south-east: even Stone and Northfleet have their own kind of neglected beauty. More that I'd hope for a bit of solidarity and friendly spirit rather than knee-jerk xenophobia. Will it be any better when I cross the channel? I have no expectations either way.

But when I crossed the M25 (happily on a flyover and not a subway) I did spit back. But for all the hate I have for London, I'm planning to go back. It's home, and I love it too. It does feel a bid odd to have left just now, though. Seeing the news of the failed bombing at Oval (was that it? no time to fact check) gave a sensation akin to watching the news of Montreal's 1998 ice storm from my flat in Vancouver, but much more frightening. I only caught a bit of the seige mentality that seemed to be forming, and feel like a bit of a traitor to have bailed out. All I can say is that while this blog was initially to keep people from worrying about me, if anything big happens again (heaven forfend), drop me a line, london peeps, so I know you're fine too.

All three of the first days were much longer than planned, and not pleasantly so. But when I looked at the map two nights ago and saw I was just over 20 miles from Canterbury, and figured, why not, let's do in four days what I'd planned for five. So here I am resting up a bit

out of time already.
interesting--no proper blisters yet. more news of that later, though


Blogger fdfs said...

Keep it up! I linked to you on my blog.

Are you of non-Anglo descent, then? Judging from the witty bomb remarks?

11:04 pm BST  
Blogger Christina said...

Hey, as far as I know the Oval attempted bombing new item is that they arrested the guy from the July 21 attempt. Unless you meant seeing the news before you left London.

I've had that never felt farther from a place that means something to me feeling in the pit of my stomach since July 7th. Here's hoping August is a better month for London, and a blister-free one for you. And knee-jerk xenophobia-free for everyone.

9:13 am BST  
Anonymous Bristly Pioneer said...

Keep it up secret Agent Arthur! We are all missing you loads.

I have put a link up on the SH site, so other agents can keep track of where you are and how you are doing.

Have fun

2:20 pm BST  
Anonymous s-r * said...

Just wanted to check to make sure you've got a compass. Joe was concerned. Relieved to hear your journey's fairing well and intense. And please elaborate on your lack of blisters!

6:32 pm BST  
Blogger secretagentarthur said...

yes, i have a compass, though was sort of disappointed i had to buy it myself. would have been a perfect gift.

thanks for the link bristly. planning to put a space hijackers one up here when i get a chance.

nick. if i trace my ancestors back more than 3 or 4 generations they're all english or scottish or french.

9:56 am BST  
Blogger Wendy said...

Go Arthur! I am blogging you at in my Saturday "Carnival of the Walkers."

12:41 pm BST  
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