Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Away I go

Spent a fantastic weekend at Truck. Of course it was fantastic, it always is, and all the people there are too. Got to test my flash tent, yes, the one that isn't tall enough to sit up in. I may be a passable contortionist when I get back, and it's really light too!

This is my last moment online. Big thanks to everyone who's sent messages along the lines of 'Go Arthur!'

For those of you in London and for whom this doesn't come too late, I'll be doing a mellow leaving drink in Soho Square this evening, from about 8:30. If I don't see you, well, enjoy the rest of the summer.


Blogger fdfs said...

Good luck! Hopefully you will eb able to keep posting regularly as you go. Virtual eyes from all corners of the globe are on you!

5:50 am BST  
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